Besides Being Egypt’s Leading Certification and Notifying Body,
Centerior International Services (CIS) Delivers Testing and Training

Centerior International Services (CIS) aims to achieve a safer business ecosystem that meets world-specified standards with the help of globally experienced top-tier auditors and professionals.

As an Exclusive Agent in Egypt
For Association Française de Normalisation (AFNOR), Centerior Is Authorized to Provide Certification

Following our advice, your business will improve its services and products to meet global standards. This will offer you a competitive advantage and add more trust to your deliverables. Granting accredited certificates from the French Standardization Association (AFNOR) builds strong new connections.

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Invest in Improving Your Business Qualifications Through Accredited Certifications

Choose wisely the certificate that adds to your business and provide the conditions that enable you to earn it. Centerior offers a wide range of internationally appreciated certificates registered by AFNOR.
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 ISO 9001:2015

Quality management system

The certificate of ISO 9001 is one of the international standards that ensure requirements for quality management systems that any business, whatever its sector and size, can achieve. Earning ISO 9001 proves that your business's internal operations are of the highest quality to meet customers' needs, achieve their satisfaction, and target business objectives.

ISO 14001:2015

Environmental management system

The certificate of ISO 14001 is important for the environmental management system. Factories and businesses that use natural resources and produce outcomes and wastes earn this certificate to declare that all processes, raw materials, and deliverables comply with environmental protection practices to keep the Earth a safe place to live.

ISO 45001:2018

Safety management system

The certificate of ISO 45001 assures that your workplace adopts a health and safety management system that results in a safe place caring about its employees' health and lives. This certificate helps you to address risks in your operations and minimize the potential for on-site accidents and deaths. It gives you the confidence to enlarge your team in the future.

 ISO 22000:2018

Food safety management system

Entities that work in the food industry need the certificate of ISO 22000. It is an international standard that ensures food safety risks and performance through a framework for measuring and assessing. Earning this certificate confirms that your entity has a strong food safety management system and good hygiene. It helps you protect your supply chain from hazards.

Searching for Trusted and
Worldwide Recognized Certification?

Expand your business opportunities and let your customers know the real quality they will receive.

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Our Auditing Process Helps Your Business to Overcome Any Competitor

Through its strict and transparent certification services, Centerior helps your business to become ahead of the market. Earning an accredited certification allows your business to become a high-ranked entity that exposes quality and safety.

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Centerior Grants Certificates in Numerous Industries
and Sectors Through Its Accredited Certification Bodies

We deliver international standards that specify the quality your business must comply with.
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Construction Companies

We help businesses to gain a reliable indicator of competence and demonstrate their technical knowledge and expertise, caring about recognized standards.

Food Industry and Restaurants

With our guidance, the F&B and food industries’ relationships with consumers become credible. Consumers receive high-quality services and toxicity-free food.

Import and Export Companies

Acquiring more recognition leads certified importing and exporting companies to close premium deals with well-reputed businesses locally and internationally.


We help hotels to be the first choice for corporations and individuals. Certification proves the top level of commitment and the highest degree of hospitality.

Medical Labs

With our lead, medical labs produce accurate and rapid diagnostics through efficient and zero-error laboratory procedures. This improves the patient's safety.

Non-Medical Labs

We improve the quality standards of assessment laboratories and update testing processes, leading to efficient test results that serve different fields.

Healthcare Organizations

We achieve improved care quality and counsel medical institutions on optimizing operational efficiency and processes to increase patients' confidence.

Education & Training Institutes

The development advice we deliver before granting Certification to an educational institute is the main reason for students’ submission to the entity.

Management Systems Registrars

We help qualified auditors and assure their suitability to review certain industries and specialties. This safeguards businesses against fraudulent activities.

Make Your Business
More Qualified and Credible

Get verified recognition in the market through an accredited certificate that adds competency to your business.

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Centerior Testing, CE Marking, and Calibration Services
Contribute to Your Lifetime Client’s Retention

There is always room for improvement. Centerior gradually increases your market share. Clients always put their trust in organizations that maintain a high level of quality in product and services development over time. We'll help you keep them and attract more.

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Thanks to Our CE Marking Services,
You Can Sell Your Products in more
than 30 Countries

By delivering CE Marking services, We provide the opportunity to meet the compulsory product safety directives that exporters and manufacturers need to trade in the European Economic Area (EEA), with effective conformity assessment services from a notified body.

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Functional Testing and Calibration Are Professional Services

That Add Credibility Your Clients Are Looking For


Centerior reviews the tools and test equipment
your business use in different processes.
It will help you:

- Know if the device meets its specifications or not.
- Maintain accuracy.
- Extend the equipment lifetime.
- Save the money that hazards can cause.
- Keep your reputation from damage.

Functional Testing

Centerior delivers a group of processes that check
if a product is working correctly.

It will help you:

- Develop your product quality.
- Produce an industrial defect-free product.
- Confirm proper product functionalities.
- Ensure that product requirements are met.
- Attain client satisfaction.

Fulfill the Specified Requirements

Through the Precise Testing or Calibration Offered by Centerior.

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We Deliver Training to Your Employees

To Achieve Growth for Your Business

Six Sigma

Centerior delivers Six Sigma training to help businesses define their problems and objectives, determine major factors they need to measure, analyze the indications of these factors and root causes, execute improvement methods, and control the process again.


We provide Occupational Safety and Health training to help businesses become more aware of workplace health and safety standards and how to improve their conditions. It includes aspects like risk assessment, injury prevention, safety protocols, etc.


Centerior offers your staff information security training. Our instructors teach your team how to deal with data breach events and the most effective ways to protect sensitive information from modification, disruption, and destruction and keep it safe.

Select the Training Program
That Your Staff Needs

We deliver a unique value that makes your business ahead of the competition

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