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Unleash the Business Potential Through the Best Employee Training Programs

Investing in workplace training programs is a quick, cost-effective action that produces amazing business success. Because you're seeking the best for, human resources are your most crucial managers for the other available resources. So, seeking the best for them is an achievement.

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Centerior Provides a Broad Spectrum of Business Training Programs

We deliver all the training programs that any business pursues to provide an environment valid for work and production. We aim to be a successful partner and guide calibers to check quality and sustainability with every action they do. 


We teach employees the most advanced quality assurance activities toDo internal quality products/services checksInspect and reportDevelop nonconformance evaluationsDetermine obligatory  standards and protocols 
We help you build strong, quality-based relationships with your clients, gaining trust and respect.

Six Sigma

We qualify Six Sigma-certified professionals in your facility in order toIncrease corporate efficiencyCut down operational errorsReduce production wastes and costsRegulate resource consumption
Employees are instructed to the level your facility needs and helps them acquire the suitable
six sigma belt


We provide an integrated safety and health training program for your business toProtect your facility from legal claimsReduce workplace accidents and injuriesBoost employee moraleImprove employee productivity

By enhancing staff members' performance, we seek safe and health-conscious behavior with every task.

Food Safety

We help food businesses employees in pursuing safety actions toProtect customers from health risksMaintain the integrity of your brandKeep your business away from finesCut down food wastes
Centerior instructs Employees on crucial principles related to keeping work areas clean, maintaining personal hygiene, etc.


We develop information security training thatDevelops a security-focused culture to instill safe digital habitsMakes employees confident with data interactionsProtects valuable assets from data breaches and phishing attacks that could cost a lot of money
Your customer will feel safe with any online action. 


We train your employees on the best workplace practices for a safe environment to Reduce your facility’s environmental liabilityAchieve a durable lifestyle at workBe aware of trending global environmental issues and how your facility can interact with
We identify destructive activities and substitute them.

Help Your Staff Become More Professional to Uphold the
Ideal Corporate Image

Training programs are a tremendous advantage, regardless of how well-known your business is in its field or how young it is. Depending on the level of knowledge your employees currently possess and the new level you are aiming for, we create customized classes.

Intermediate Training Courses

For medium-sized businesses, employees will be knowledgeable and start to apply what they have learned as they gain experience.

Introductory Training Courses

We deliver the fundamentals of the topic your employees need to study. It suits new employees in startups and small businesses.

Advanced Training Courses

Through advanced training courses, workers advance to the master level. We offer them to large and mega-size establishments.

Making Strong Employees Result in a Stable Business

Your first customers are your employees; therefore, unhappy employees won't help you satisfy your customers. Employee satisfaction is the foundation for customer retention, and improving an employee's skills is a powerful strategy for gaining unwavering support.

Centerior Delivers All the Benefits Your Business Needs in Training

Like with every other service Centerior provides, we strive for excellence and integrity when educating businesses represented by their employees about important issues that should be taken into account in any department, whether it be management, operations, supply chain, Q/A, or another department.

Flexibility and

Centerior offers online and offline training classes, whether they are at your location or ours. We deliver the scientific materials according to a preset schedule that works for both parties.

Turn Employees Into Distinctive
Competitive Advantages

Like any other asset, an employee's value grows with care and concern. Because of this, you can train your staff to become the special resources that set you apart from the competition.

Increase Your Business
Market Value

Centerior training programs produce highly engaged teams that work together effectively for the company’s good. Teams in organizations that are highly engaged increase profitability by 21%.

Accredited Training
Program Certification

We develop comprehensive PPC and SEO strategies. We’ll provide your AdWords account with continuous PPC support that is monitored to adapt to the evolving industry.

For Individuals, Centerior Qualifies and Certifies Auditors Through Accredited Training Courses

As an accredited certifying third party, Centerior has the authority to train accredited auditors to be prepared for the job market and able to assess various aspects of businesses. Once they have completed their training, our auditors will be qualified to conduct internal audits or inspections inside an organization, or even external audits under the supervision of a third party. We implement this through two major courses.
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Lead Auditors Quality

Centerior opens its doors to individuals seeking to become qualified lead auditors and allows them to apply for Lead Auditors Quality Courses, in order to work as an audit team leader in third-party bodies and perform supplier audits for large organizations.

Internal Auditor Accredited Training Courses

We help any individual who has the basic capabilities to become an auditor. Our course develops the individuals’ skills under the supervision of experienced auditors. After the successful completion, the individuals receive accredited certifications.