How Centerior Started Out

In 1997, Centerior International Services CIS was established as a subsidiary company of Centerior Energy Company, the highly regulated energy industry business in the United States. Dr. Esmat Doss founded this business intending to develop an integrated house for certification services, assisting companies in
meeting international standards through qualified auditors and verified experiences.

The French Standardization Association (AFNOR) Authorization

For almost 25 years, Centerior has served as AFNOR's sole representative in Egypt. One of the leading standards-setting organizations in the world, AFNOR offers training, professional and technical information, and intelligence, assessment, and certification. We have been authorized to offer its services in Egypt based on our partnership. Similarly to AFNOR, we believe it is our duty to uphold a standard of quality that fosters customer confidence.

Views of the Future that Centerior Holds

With the aid of its professionals, Centerior Egypt always looks forward to leaving its distinctive mark in every industry. By including more industries and a larger
geographic area, such as the MENA region and the Arab Gulf countries, we aim
to broaden our base of benefited businesses. We strive for a world free of
subpar products and services.

The Mission We Are Elevating

Seeking the optimum level of quality that generates a premium life status and positive market competition, resulting in better services and products the end user receives. Due to our commitment to advancing public perceptions of sustainability and durability, we chose the field of
conformity assessment.

The Philosophy That Centerior Adopts

Three core values that have always supported Centerior's past, present, and future form the company's foundation. Every value appears in the final deliverables, making them unique and carrying distinctive identities.

Continuous Development

We believe that development never ends. We apply this concept to our firm's elements as well as to our clients. We continually assess the market's needs, identify emerging opportunities and challenges, and then develop fresh, compliant new solutions to forge remarkable competitive advantages that let customers enjoy long-lasting deliverables.


Our staff, which includes auditors, evaluators, management, and board members, exhibits superior client focus through courtesy and attentiveness. A thorough understanding of our clients' business goals, the value they provide to customers, and potential boosting areas for certification are always necessary to assist them in becoming the best in their industry.


We turn our analysis into action. We engage in fulfilling the needs and demands of our clients and observing all local and global regulations that apply to our work. We deliver our recommendations and consultations, supporting our clients with methods and steps of implementation to have their integrated experience for development and excellence.

and Credintials

Centerior has a business license in Egypt and is registered with the Egyptian Organization for Standards and Quality (EOS).





Our High-Board

Every successful team has knowledgeable leadership that takes the appropriate decisions at the right times. Through diligence and critical thinking, Centerior’s administration constantly pursues innovation and singularit

Our Team

Our professional team performs each task following their knowledge and experience in environment, and more. It is a specialized and consistently motivated engine that oversees and approves every project's deliverables to propel the business from
one accomplishment to the next.

High experience

High experience in Data Science, Innovation, knowledge, andorganizational excellence

International experience

Local and international experience that included various industries and objectives.

Certified auditors

Certified auditors who have received accreditation from reputable organizations

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