Accredited ISO Certification

Certification Is Your Short Cut to Unreachable Leads

When looking for a product or service, businesses and customers always seek out credibility and a professional business
relationship. That’s why Centerior decided on certification
as a solid foundation for growing your clientele.

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Certification Uplevels Your Corporate Value in the Market

As a reputable third-party certification organization, we follow the ISO methodology, which covers every aspect of any business to create a complementary value chain that is linked based on standards.
Our certification service is concerned with helping your business develop a solid framework with flawless joints that will enable it to expand
and thrive. It directs all available business components to function effectively, generating more revenue and cutting costs.

Management & Administration

It helps you better control performance while streamlining all of your operations and making continuous improvements.

Research & Development R&D

It applies innovative techniques that expand the playing field of competition and create new opportunities for your business.


It guides your business to sustainable purchasing that produces qualitative low-cost goods for customers with more profit.  

Inbound & Outbound Logistics

It updates a fast-paced process with better, cost-effective delivery of products to end users for higher satisfaction levels.


It develops practical workflows, considering maintenance and calibration, to offer a product customers seek and recommend.


It upscales your market reach by enhancing premium services that lead to loyal customers and qualified referral sources.

Whatever Your Industry, an Accredited Certificate Can Recognize Your Ongoing Improvement

Accredited certification is a way to create your own distinctive mark of quality in your industry and is documented evidence that gives your brand a guaranteed identity that draws in new customers and retains existing ones. Every opportunity that boosts your sales is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Opportunities are now renewable thanks to Centerior, which converts the high standards you work so hard to achieve into the pure profits your business deserves.

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Earn the Suitable Accredited Certificate and Gain a New Market Share

Through a knowledgeable strategy that combines professionalism and experience, Centerior assists you in obtaining the certification necessary to position your company favorably among rivals in the market, in addition to the specific benefits that each certificate offers.

ISO 9001:2015

Quality Management Systems

* Ensures a fact-based approach to decision-making
* Achieves greater employee morale
* Assists companies in maintaining better record documentation
* Showcases tested expertise that improves customer experience and leads to customer acquisition and retention

ISO 15378:2017

Packaging Material for Medicinal Products

* Meets Good Manufacturing Practices GMP quality standards
* Assures adherence to regional legal requirements
* Ensures healthy contaminant-free products
* Reduces costs by eliminating risks
* Adds consistency to the operations by reducing waste products

ISO 13485:2016

Medical Devices QMS

* Develops customer satisfaction through safety and quality
* Prevents health-related errors due to continual process improvements
* Provides a recognized position in the medical field globally
* Forms credible businesses that gain large medical establishments’ trust

ISO/TS 22163

IRIS for Railways

* Is a channel to high-quality suppliers by being listed  in the UNIFE database
* Reduces liability risks significantly
* Eliminates risk, meeting the international railway standard requirements
* Helps businesses to get known by global railway operators through IRIS

TL 9000:2016

 Telecom Quality Assurance

* Enhances high-rank positions through improved customer service
* Supports the company’s accountability in Telecommunication software, hardware, and services
* Aligns businesses with other ICT industry peers delivering new features to compete through

ISO 27001:2013

Information Security

* Demonstrates excellent security practices
* Safeguards businesses from the costs and losses brought on by data breaches
* Gives a unbiased assessment of the business security posture
* Compliance evidence for contractual, legal, and regulatory requirements

ISO/TS 16949:2016

Automotive IATF

* Proves safe defectless automotive parts delivery
* Offers credibility and excellent business  reputation
* Results in a more effective wasteless supply chain
* Guarantees a professional customer-business relationship
* Provides a riskless user experience

ISO 14001:2015

Environmental Management Systems (EMS)

* Assures that the impact on the environment and company’s carbon footprint are being measured
* Manages environmental obligations with consistency
* Enhances cost control
* Ensures operational resilience as a result of putting risk reduction into practice

ISO 45001:2018

Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems 

* Improves hazard identification and risk assessment
* Reduces downtime and lowers insurance premiums
* Validates the capability of your business
* Improves organizational and individual safety
* Boost stakeholder confidence in maintaining a safe work environment

ISO 22000:2018

Food Safety Management Systems

* Includes globally recognised Food Safety Management processes in the business
* Bolsters risk management safeguards throughout the food supply chain
* Facilitates  international tradingImproves utilization of resources
* Increases food safety and hygiene awareness

ISO 50001:2018

Energy Management Systems

* Develops energy awareness among employees
* Proves efficient energy consumption
* Protects the environment from energy misuse and global warming
* Reduces energy costs by regulation
* Forms an environment-friendly business image attracting more clients

ISO 26000:2010 

Social Responsibility

* Nurtures a critical success factor
* Enhances brand reputation
* Expand the business revenue
* Develops social responsible manner policies
* Improve external relationships with stakeholders
* Leads to a better customer engagement
* Increases employees productivity

Certification as a Service Delivered by Centerior

A tailored process that Centerior manages through multiple stages in order to guide you towards earning an accredited certificate that adds a competitive edge of professionalism and quality to your business and deliverables

1. Detailed Explanation of the Certification Requirements

We run awareness-raising workshops that inform business staff of the standards and requirements that must be met in order to obtain any of the accredited certificates. Every detail is clarified by our qualified instructors so that it is simple to understand and put into practice. Based on your business's preferences and our business calendar, we decide the length and dates of the workshops. The importance of the certificate and its benefits are fully covered in the syllabus.

2. Providing External 
Audit Support

In the case of approval, Centerior drafts the report and delivers it to the AFNOR certification body. After submission, we deliver the certificate on AFNOR's behalf, helping your company maintain the certificate acquisition over time. This phase, which lasts as long as your company wants to keep the certificate, involves our auditors monitoring processes and evaluating employees' performance and skills in various specialties. If any improvement is necessary, we will officially notify the company.

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It's simple to assist your company in becoming more market-relevant, but Centerior is the only company that can keep you in the lead. Our responsibility is to develop high-caliber companies that adhere to international norms, giving them the opportunity to ascend to the top.

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Our Clients’ Reviews

Hundreds of customers rely on our services. See what they have to say.

“Throughout our 25-year relationship with Centerior, their external auditing has always guided us to outstanding development and performance improvement for the employees and the corporate internal operations.”  

Ms. Camelia Azmy Habib

QA Manager - Delta Plast & Delta Pack 

“10 Years of Hard work and effective cooperation, and willing for a long business relationship”

Dr. Hala Agha

Former Head of children heart diseases unit - Abu El-Reesh Hospital

“Centerior audited our developing works during our journey to obtain ISO 9001:2015, and they provide guidance and consulting during the yearly review” 

Ms. Sherien A. Magied

OD & QA Manager - Pico Engineering Group

“With Centerior’s guidance and support, we learned a lot about quality management principles from top experts and professionals. We are hoping for continued cooperation and lasting achievements.”

Dr. Iman Hussein

Quality Manager -  Adam International Hospital

“Centerior has a team of qualified auditors and experts. Therefore, their external auditing adds a distinctive value to every single effort we perform in the quality development field.” 

Mr. Hany Abd El-Malak

Factory Manager - EL Massalla for cable accessories production

“Centerior succeed in spreading quality awareness among our employees, they supported us in the continuous improvement of food safety that reflected in more customer satisfaction.”

Mr. Emad Nady

HR Manager - Seventh Star For Food & Beverage 

“ 8 years of fruitful cooperation that is characterized by transparency, neutralism, flexibility, and commitment.  Any queries we have are answered and discussed in a friendly and clear way. The auditors and the facility as a whole respect time as a valuable resource.”  

Dr. Wesam Darwesh

Quality Manager - Helwan University

“Great customer support from start to end. Cooperation and hard work accompany every stage. Highly recommended!”

Mr. Said Hassan

Quality Manager - Knauf Egypt