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Celebrating Centerior’s Silver Jubilee, More than 25 Years of Quality and Development

Throughout more than 25 years, Centerior fulfilled its role as a complete house for certification services. Along this long journey, Centerior has proved itself as a recognized third-party body in the local Egyptian market based on its global potential and borderless experiences.

Centerior International Services,  A Decade of Success and Achievements

During the last 10 years, we have audited numerous businesses in different industries, achieving successful results and distinctive quality levels that meet international standards. Our professional auditors and strong knowledge have always been the supporters of any decision we make and any procedure we develop.

Vehicles Administration of the Egyptian Armed Forces

Centerior Representative and chairman Dr. Esmat Doss grants an ISO certificate to the factories producing radiators, exhaust pipes, special parts, and foam. They belong to the umbrella of the Vehicles Administration of the Egyptian Armed Forces.

Helwan University

Dr. Magid Negm, former Helwan University President receives the ISO certificate9001 as the first university to obtain this international certificate in theMiddle East in quality management. Centerior then recommended renewing granting for 6 years in series.

Safi Factories

For the combined efforts of many departments and sections in Safi Factories, they received from Centerior, representing AFNOR in Egypt, 4 ISO certificates in food safety, quality, environmental, and occupational health. The event of granting has been attended by Centerior representatives and high board, from left to right, Dr. Esmat Doss, Dr. Zeinab Gobara, and Dr. Rania ElSaraf 

National Nutrition Institute

Ceremony of delivering the quality certificate 9001 to the National Nutrition Institute as the first specialized institutethat obtains this certificate in the Middle East in the field of quality testing laboratories and specialized nutritional clinics.

Coptic Media Center

Pope Tawadros II, the Pope of Alexandria and Patriarch of the See of St. Mark, receives the ISO quality certificate 9001, which was granted to the Coptic media center which is the first church institution to obtain an ISO certificate in dealing with media.

Ministry of Defense Language Institute (MODLI)

This is a ceremony for awarding certificates of Quality 9001, Environment 14001, and Occupational Health and Safety 45001 to the Ministry of Defense Language Institute as the first specialized institute to obtain these certificates in MENA  in linguistics. 

Cairo International Airport Mini Metro

Former President Adly Mansour, inside one of the metro vehicles, as he inaugurates the Cairo International Airport Mini Metro, which celebrates being awarded certificates of Quality 9001,  environmental 14001, and Occupational Health 45001 by Centerior.

Armed Forces Information Systems Institute

Ceremony of delivering ISO environmental 14001 and occupational health 45001 certificates to the Armed Forces Information Systems Institute which is the first specialized center to obtain this certificate in Information Technology.

The French Institute of Egypt

Centerior delivered the ISO 9001 quality certificate to the French Institute of Egypt in a ceremony that was attended by the French ambassador in Cairo. The institute follows all the requirements that qualified it to meet international standards.

Protocol with the Egyptian Organization For Standardization and Quality

A consortium is established,  led by the French Standardization Association(AFNOR) represented by Centerior, in cooperation with the British Standards Institution (BSI) in the UK and the Spanish Standards Authority (AENOR) as secondary partners.This is to form a protocol between the European Union and the Egyptian Organization For Standardization and Quality.

Al-Galaa Military Hospital

In a big ceremony, Dr. Esmat Doss handed over the ISO quality certificate to the Al-Galaa Military Hospital as the first specialized military hospital to obtain this international certificate

Centerior Contributed to Increasing Quality Awareness in the Egyptian Medical Sector

We offer top-notch services based on countless years of experience.

Victoria Hospital

Victoria Hospital is one of the first clients Centerior has served. We helped them to be a pioneer in the medical quality private sector, they showed great progress in developing all facilities and equipment to meet the international standards to deliver ISO 9002.

(Watani Newspaper -1998)

General Organization For Teaching Hospitals and Institutes

Centerior evaluated many high-rank governmental institutions, where the General Organization For Teaching Hospitals and Institutes is considered one of the most important clients, as it initiated the quality awareness campaign in the public medical sector.
(Al-Ahram Newspaper -2002)

Adam International Hospital

Adam International Hospital is considered one of the first international clients that Centerior dealt with. It has proved its proficiency in regard to all specifications and standards that qualify them to obtain ISO 9001. Dr. Esmat delivers the certificate to Prof. Medhat Amer, Professor of Andrology and Infertility.

(Al-Gomhuria Newspaper -2000)

Ahmed Maher Hospital

Centerior has scanned Ahmed Maher Hospital’s management systems which proved that they meet the international requirements and specifications needed to obtain ISO 9002 certification. This made the hospital to become one of the public hospitals that took the initiative in the quality field.

(Al-Ahram Newspaper -2001)

AlSalam Hospital

Al Salam Hospital is one of the earliest private hospitals that cared about quality and safety to protect the lives of its patients., Centerior delivered ISO 9002 certification to appreciate the hospital’s efforts, achieving high standards that meet international specifications. 

(Al-Gomhuria Newspaper -1999)


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